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siRNA/ Oligonucleotides

Custom siRNA/ oligonucleotides

We provide the highest quality material at the lowest price. RNAi products like siRNA and miRNA, variously modified
oligonucleotides for research groups. All grade of natural and variously modified siRNA can be supplied under precise
quality control

  • - RNA, 2'-OMe-RNA, 2'-F-RNA, chimeric RNA, other comprehensive backbones.
  • - PEG conjugated, Fluorinated, Mentholated, Thioated, Biotinylated, Dye-labeled, and other various modifications, labeling.
  • - Oligo for in-vivo test/ Endotoxin controlled, sterilized high purity
  • - Competitive prices
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Custom siRNA/ oligonucleotide

Therapeutic oligonucleotide

We provide clients with the highest quality and low priced GMP oligonucleotides and RNAi products by continuous process
optimization and internationally well-proven expertise. Milligrams to kilograms of various types of cGMP oligonucleotide
production for preclinical and clinical uses are available in large quantities for bulk scale production systems.
Quality control/ assurance
The manufacturing process is checked at every aspect of production from raw materials, intermediate stages in-process,
and impurity profile in products with supporting analytical instruments, appropriate facilities and experienced QA/QC
personnel to assure cGMP compliance requirements.


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