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Business Outline


We keep on hand a full and stable supply of inorganic fillers and flame retardants and most importantly have supplied Talc
for nearly 50 years. We also supply aluminum Hydroxide, brominated epoxy resin for flame retardants and coated
magnesium sulfate whisker for the weight reduction of vehicles. In recent years we have started supplying polyester resin
use for powder coating and toner binder. We also supply coated urea which is used for controlled release fertilizer in the
agricultural industry. Hayashi Kasei Korea is dedicated in making customers satisfaction our #1 priority.
By expanding our product range, our highly qualified technicians, and performing the highest Quality Control testing to meet
our customers¡¯ needs and requirements.

Life science

Medications based on large molecules are increasingly crucial to the treatment of many diseases and conditions.
In fact, large-molecule biopharmaceutical products - including proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids-are sometimes referred
to as "next generation" medicines. We are focused on providing the biotechnology industry with services and products for
the biopharmaceutical. Our experience includes extensive work with recombinant proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides
(siRNA, antisense, aptamers). Our team has extensive experience in biopharmaceutical product development for our
customers. Our biopharmaceutical product development experts have helped many companies make the difficult path
through the biotechnology drug development a faster and more successful endeavor.


Chemical Fillers


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