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Talc is used in many industries such as paper making, plastic, paint and coatings, rubber, food, electric cable,
pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ceramics, etc. This talc is a kind of inorganic filler with flame retardant, reinforcing various
resin and compounding Fields: polypropylene (PP) compounding for automobile and the other composite plastics.

micronized and refined talc powder

1.micronized and refined talc powder
Grade KC-3000 KC-2000 KCM-6300 KCNAP KCEP KCA-325
Whiteness min.96 Min.96 min.96 min.95 Min85 min.92
D50 3.5กพ0.5 4.5กพ0.5 5.5กพ0.5 11.0กพ1.0 14.0กพ1.0 13.5กพ2.0
Density 0.2กพ0.05 0.2กพ0.05 0.2กพ0.05 0.4กพ0.05 0.55กพ0.05 0.6กพ0.05
Moisture max.3000 max.3000 max.3000 max.3000 max.3000 max.3000
pH 8.8กพ0.5 8.8กพ0.5 8.8กพ0.5 8.8กพ0.5 8.8กพ0.5 8.8กพ0.5
Oil Absorption 42กพ5 42กพ5 42กพ5 42กพ5 42กพ5 42กพ5
Ig. Loss (950กษx30m) 8.0กพ1.0 8.0กพ1.0 max.8.0 9.4กพ1.0 9.1กพ1.0 33กพ1.0
Packing 10kg 12.5kg 12.5kg 25kg 25kg 25kg
Plastic woven bag 500kg Plastic woven bag 1000kg
(*) We can do supply average particle size(D50) around 2.5~3.0งญ

Compacted talc powder

It is essential to eliminate Talc in the air, which is inevitable while applying the talc during processing. Compacted talc is
almost half volume when compared to normal grade Talc. We supply any grade of compacted talc from micronized
to refine talc
which is shown above.

Effectiveness is on production of functional consolidated resin, it
  1. Decrease the stock space
  2. Control dust in the environment
  3. Shorten the train portion time for handling
  4. Improve the feeding stability of raw material
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Get the highest load percentage from the Master Batch
  7. Cut down other additive content

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Application field


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